Explore beauty of the Kashmir Floating Vegetable Market on Dal Lake

The Kashmir Floating Vegetable market on Dal Lake is one of its kind unique markets which leaves one in awe of its beauty. The tranquil waters surrounded by the sky kissing snowy hills around add a picturesque beauty to this market. The EBNW Story brings a few rare facts of this market:

1: The first floating vegetable market of India in Kashmir was first captured by a Japanese photographer.

2. This colorful floating vegetables market starts in the morning on Shikara (A house boat) on the Dal Lake in Srinagar. Kashmiri people offers another unique glimpse of life via this floating vegetable market. 

3. The floating nursery on the wetlands of Srinagar are the primary source of vegetable cultivation. The fresh vegetables grown here are then sold on the floating shikara boats on the Dal Lake in Srinagar. 

4. Believe it or not! But it is a fact that this is the only floating market existing in India. 

5. One can witness the vegetable cultivators of Shikara to a place with their freshly loaded vegetables. The timing of this market is 5AM to 8 AM only.  

6. The place where everyone gather to sell and buy vegetables is named as Gudher. This market does not encourage selective or partial item sales; instead, it focuses on wholesale deliveries.

7. Tomatoes, carrots, turnips, leafy vegetables, lotus roots, are showcased here to be sold, all of which were grown on this wetland’s diverse ecology. 

8. March to October are the best months to visit the Floating Vegetable Market as the weather is quite pleasant.

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