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Bedaghat in MP: Boat ride amid marble rocks is experiential delight under moonlight

Bedaghat is an excellent place to witness white rocks which join the tranquil Narmada. These pristine white rocks are known to change shapes magically along the river. Aakanksha Umath reports…

Bedaghat is a town situated on the banks of river Narmada at a short distance of 20km from Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh.

The history of Bhedaghat is believed to be 180–250 million years old. The picturesque sites of Bedaghat town speak the story of incredible miracle of nature. 

There are also many stories about how the place derived the name of Bedaghat. 

Earlier it was known as Bhairvi ghat because Shakti Pooja used to take place here. But later the place got the name Bedaghat. Several dinosaur fossils have been found in scenic village Bedaghat. 

Boat ride at Bedaghat in moonlight between the marble rocks gives a feeling of walking on silver stones. 

The river Narmada flows gently through the soft marble rocks and then at a short gorge distance of 8km, it gushes down from the hills to form Dhuandhar waterfall. Dhuandhar waterfall offers mesmerizing scene of smoke coming out of the river. 

The name Dhuandhar is composed of two words Dhuan-Dhar. Dhua means smoke and dhar signifies stream. As the water streams down from the rocks and gives the view of smoke , this waterfall is also known as Smokindhra waterfall. The sound of water falling down the stream can be heard from a very distance. The shade of this water falling from a height of 10 meters is unique. This picturesque view comes out of the famous marble rocks. 

Located at a short distance of 25km from Jabalpur, this place is famous for picnic and also a charming destination for tourists. 

Shooting of movies at Bedaghat 

This picturesque destination is also famous amongst Bollywood. This place is used for climax scenes in many movies. 

1. Reva- Reva is a Gujarati movie which is based on river Narmada , offers a mesmerizing view of Bedaghat. Few breathtaking scenes are recorded at this picturesque. 

2. Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye– This movie used the location of Bedaghat for it’s climax. 

3. Raat ka Nasha Abhi song in Ashoka film- The shooting of Raat ka Nasha Abhi from movie Ashoka was shot between the marble rocks of Bedaghat. 

4. Mohan Jo Daro- Mohan Jo Daro chose many of the mesmerizing locations for the shooting and Bedaghat is one of them

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