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Bara Bungalow in Jaipur– Bask under open sky & live a ‘rich’ life amid greens!

Bara Bungalow Amer located at around 240 kilometer from Delhi, 27 kilometers from Jaipur Airport and 22 kilometers from Jaipur railway station teaches the art of living a rich life amid the lush green locales!

Located in a serene natural rural surrounding in Natata village of Amer, it is quite close to Jaipur’s places of interest.

As we have been living our lives rushing and running on day-to-day, month-to-month and year-to-year basis, we feel like going slow at some stage of our life and want to spend our life amid lush green nature where the word ‘pollution’ remains a foreign entity and the sounds of chirping of birds is an integral part of the life!

The harsh honking is no where around and serene wind keeps blessing our senses each second! 

Wanna know where can we find one such soothing place to relax your senses? It’s in Bara Bungalow, situated in Amer in Jaipur which is situated far off from city lights and gives a rustic rural feel located amid green surroundings.

Bara Bungalow in Jaipur-- Bask under open sky & live a ‘rich’ life amid greens!

The pristine building reflects the old-world charm and has been owned by Rajasthan’s former chief secretary Salauddin Ahmed.

“I bought this land long time back and had planned to live a soothing life with ‘sukun ke pal’.

His study area is situated in an open ground which is covered by dense trees around where squirrels can be seen playing hide and seek, sparrows keep juggling and other birds are also eager to show their presence to any new guest.

Speaking on tall trees spread around, the former CS says, “It’s drip irrigation which helped them to grow higher in last few years.”

The temperature remains a little lower here as compared to the city in summers while winters give a wonderful time! 

Basking under sun is an ultimate experience while partying under starry nights during a get together is yet another distinguished feel. Also bonfire in winters creates yet another marvel memories, he says.

Not all can afford this luxury. People these days love the packed lives in flats, but the ultimate experience of spending life in an open space to be amid nature is quite wonderful!

May be, post the COVID-19 era, people shall prefer living in an open space, says Ahmed.

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