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5 features of Asia’s longest drive-in beach situated in Kerala

Do you know India houses one of the world’s best drive-in beaches?

Unaware? Try visiting Muzhappilangad beach in Kerala which is one amongst the world’s best beaches. Also, it is the longest drive-in beach in Asia.

Wanna experience the delight of driving across this beach? Yeah, you must be eager to experience the delight, but before making a start, you should know the five features of this beach:

Get spoilt for choice here: Several water sports activities available here shall leave you spoilt for choice. Experience the adrenaline rush by choosing any of your favourite water sports such as paragliding, parasailing and micro lite flights. Power boating and a simple catamaran ride are yet another sports to give you a gushing thrill.

Stick on shores: The beach situated around 12 kilometres from Thalasser is quite beautiful and doesn’t go along with traditional beaches which you must have seen till date. However, while driving along the beach, you need to stick to the shores and should avoid getting into the further water if you are using your personal vehicle as sea water can corrode the metal parts of your vehicle.

5 features of Asia’s longest drive-in beach situated in Kerala

3.  The beach is conducive for swimming too: The black rocks along the edge of the beach give it a crescent shape. Eventually, the beach remains safe from strong waves and is conducive for swimming.

4. Be ready to pay a nominal fee: A nominal fee is being charged  for all vehicles entering here. However, you can feel the delight of driving here as the sand on the beach remains quite firm and does not let the vehicle tires sink in.The 4 km long beach is not much crowded and hence you can enjoy the pleasure of driving.

5. You can take two-wheelers also for driving here: The Muzhappilangad beach, surrounded by deep oceanic blue waters, lures tourists from India and abroad. Vehicles are easily available for beach journey here. You can also enjoy the drive-in experience on two-wheelers.

6. Soak in the festivities of beach feasts: The annual beach festival being celebrated here is too much fun. There are many other similar festivals being organised here from time to time which shall create beautiful memories for you.

So bask in the delight of soaking rich experiences and create some magical memories to cherish… forever!

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