“The helmet man of India is saving lives!

Road safety activist Raghvendra Singh is providing helmets to citizens while promoting road safety laws.

One video is going viral around the internet. Thus, in the video, Raghvendra Singh is seen driving while wearing a helmet and signaling to the motorcyclist to halt by holding up his helmet. The man is informed by Singh that Singh has been following him for a while since he was riding without a helmet.

Bikers without helmets are receiving them from Singh, whom India has named the “Helmet Man of India.” He also advises them to always wear them.

Raghvendra Singh has provided more than 56,000 helmets around the nation and has saved 30 lives in the past ten years. However, because of a shortage of funding, he is currently having trouble maintaining the safety campaign.
Thus, Raghvendra Singh allegedly chose to sell his Greater Noida flat to get money for the project and even applied for a loan using his wife’s jewelry as collateral.
Therefore, he became an advocate for road safety when his friend passed away in 2014. As Raghvendra states, his friend was riding a two-wheeler without a helmet when he was killed in an accident in Greater Noida.

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