Southern Railway Appoints First Transwoman TTE, Breaks Barriers in Dindigul

Monalika Medatwal

Time have changed but transgender people continue to face numerous hurdles in getting recognition and acceptance in jobs. 

In a historic move, the Southern Railway has appointed its first transwoman as a Travelling Ticket Examiner (TTE) in Dindigul. This groundbreaking decision not only marks a significant step towards inclusivity and diversity but also sets an inspiring precedent in the realm of government jobs. This article delves into the details of this remarkable event and its implications for various government exam aspirants.

However, Sindhu Ganapathy, Tamil Nadu’s first trans train ticket examiner (TTE) who took charge at Dindigul railway station onThursday, 

Hailing from Nagercoil, Sindhu joined Southern Railway in 2003 and first worked at Ernakulam, under Trivandrum division in Kerala. She was transferred to Dindigul under Madurai division in 2009. “I was initially working in the electrical department. Being a transgender person, I was quite worried as to how people around me would see me. However, Southern Railway Mazdoor Union and its office bearers supported me and I was motivated to do my best in work,” she told TOI.

An accident subsequently caused injury to Sindhu’s hand and she was unable to continue technical work. When the administration asked her if she can take up a non-technical job, she was excited as it would bring her more public interaction.

“I expressed my willingness to be a TTE. There were some challenges, but the dream has now become a reality. It is a victory not only for me but also the transgender community.

It is an honour to be the first transgender person to become a TTE in Tamil Nadu. I hope more transgender people draw inspiration from me and work in Southern Railway,” she added.

A BLit Tamil Literature graduate, Sindhu firmly believes that education is key to come up in life. “I was happy to see that as a TTE, the public were supportive of me for my achievement as a transgender person. I think most people now are far more accepting of us.

Impact on Government Exam Aspirants Aspirants preparing for government exams, especially those in the railway sector, can draw inspiration from Ms. Sindhu Ganapathy’s  success. This development highlights the evolving nature of government job opportunities and encourages candidates to pursue their dreams irrespective of gender or societal norms.

Importance of Inclusivity in Government Jobs The appointment of a transwoman in a significant role like TTE emphasizes the importance of inclusivity in government organizations. This move aligns with the broader vision of creating a workplace that respects diversity and provides equal opportunities for all.

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