Reviving Tradition: ‘Lassi Made in Bassi’ Aims to Satisfy Taste Buds and Boost Immunity

After pursuing an MBA and working both in India and abroad, Hemant from Rajasthan found himself drawn back to his roots. Despite facing setbacks in 50 consecutive interviews, Hemant decided to chart his own course as a self-employed entrepreneur. His venture, ‘Lassi Made in Bassi,’ is not just a business; it’s a journey to revive the traditional flavors of village barns and bring the goodness of ancient India to the modern world.

Located in the Bassi tehsil of Jaipur, this startup focuses on crafting lassi, not just as a beverage but as an immunity booster with five unique flavors. The methods used are rooted in traditions dating back hundreds of years, making each sip a nostalgic experience.

The startup, registered with the Department of Information Technology and Communications (DoIT), recently secured a Rs 5 lakh loan from the state government. Director Hemant Sharma shares that the team invested four years in intensive testing, sampling, and market research, ensuring health benefits, a pollution-free environment, and compliance with global food safety standards.

With a production capacity of 20,000 liters per day, the beverage plant in Bassi is not just about business; it’s a source of employment for over 120 people in the Jaipur rural area. The startup emphasizes using milk from Indian breed cows and buffaloes, adhering to ancient recipes that define the unique taste of their products.

‘Lassi Made in Bassi’ is set to make its mark in five major metros of India, including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Ahmedabad. The journey from 50 failed interviews to establishing a thriving startup is not just Hemant’s success story but also a testament to the enduring appeal of traditional flavors in a modern, health-conscious world. The fusion of tradition and innovation in ‘Lassi Made in Bassi’ promises a refreshing experience for consumers while promoting the rich heritage of Indian beverages.

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