From a Street Vendor to a Multi-Crore Company: Bhavesh Bhatia’s Inspirational Journey

Bhavesh Bhatia’s life story is a testament to the power of determination, creativity, and the unwavering spirit to overcome adversity. Born with retina muscular deterioration, Bhavesh faced the challenges of deteriorating eyesight from a young age. However, it was the loss of his vision at the age of 23 that became a turning point in his life, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

At that time, Bhavesh was working as a hotel manager, striving to save money for his mother’s cancer treatment. His mother, a pillar of strength throughout his life, provided invaluable support, guiding him through the challenges of being visually impaired. Despite the difficulties, Bhavesh’s mother instilled in him a valuable life lesson – the importance of understanding others and turning adversity into an opportunity.

With the passing of his mother, Bhavesh found solace in her words: “So what if you cannot see the world? Do something so that the World will see you.” Instead of succumbing to self-pity, Bhavesh embarked on a quest to create something that would make the world take notice.

Driven by a lifelong passion for creating things with his hands, Bhavesh ventured into candle making. Despite limited resources, he received training from the National Association for the Blind in 1999. Starting with basic candles, Bhavesh began selling his creations from a cart in Mahabaleshwar, using a friend’s cart for a nominal fee.

The initial phase was arduous, with Bhavesh making candles at night and selling them during the day. His determination and love for his craft kept him going. The turning point came when a chance encounter with a customer named Neeta sparked a connection that would change his life. Neeta, undeterred by societal judgments, chose to marry Bhavesh, becoming his lifelong companion and supporter.

Together, they faced numerous challenges, including rejection and hostility from a world unwilling to accept a visually impaired individual as a capable entrepreneur. Bhavesh’s resilience led him to secure a loan from Satara Bank, and with Neeta’s unwavering support, they purchased wax, dyes, and a hand cart, laying the foundation for what would become Sunrise Candles.

Today, Sunrise Candles is a multi-crore business producing over 9,000 designs of plain, scented, and aromatherapy candles. The company, based in Mahabaleshwar, caters to prestigious clients like Reliance Industries, Ranbaxy, and Big Bazar. What makes Sunrise Candles truly exceptional is its workforce—entirely composed of visually impaired individuals, proving that disabilities are not barriers to success.

Bhavesh’s business philosophy reflects his mother’s wisdom—thinking with the heart. His journey from a street vendor to a successful entrepreneur showcases the transformative power of resilience, creativity, and a heart-driven approach to business.

Despite achieving remarkable success, Bhavesh remains ambitious, with dreams of participating in the 2016 Paralympics, breaking world records, and inspiring every blind individual in India to stand on their own feet. His story is a beacon of hope and inspiration, reminding us that with passion, determination, and a compassionate heart, one can triumph over any challenge.

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