Fighter- A Riveting Tribute to Indian Airforce and Pulwama Attack Fighters

Apeksha Agarwal

In a spectacular celebration of India’s 75th Republic Day, acclaimed filmmaker Sidharth Anand presented his latest cinematic masterpiece, “Fighter”. The much-anticipated movie, released on January 25, 2024, showcased a star-studded cast featuring the charismatic duo of Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone, alongside the evergreen Anil Kapoor.

The unveiling of “Fighter” on this significant day added an extra layer of pride and patriotism for Indian audiences, who had eagerly awaited a film that would resonate with the spirit of the nation. The movie promised to deliver a riveting narrative filled with elements of courage, resilience, and love for the country.


Sidharth Anand’s much-anticipated film, “Fighter”, lives up to its title, delivering a cinematic experience that soars to new heights. Without delving into spoilers, the movie embarks on a thrilling journey, marked by stellar performances from Hrithik Roshan as Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania, aka “Patty,” and Deepika Padukone in the role of Minal, aka “Mini,” both of whom bring their characters to life with conviction.

The narrative centers around the lives of dedicated Airforce officers, providing a glimpse into the challenges, sacrifices, and unwavering commitment they exhibit in service to the nation. From the very beginning, Hrithik Roshan’s portrayal of Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania sets the tone for the film, capturing the essence of a true patriot and an exemplary officer.

Deepika Padukone, in her role as Minal, complements Hrithik’s performance with grace and strength, embodying the resilience and determination that characterize the women in the armed forces. The chemistry between the lead pair adds a layer of authenticity to the storyline, creating a connection that resonates with the audience.

Director Sidharth Anand, known for his prowess in crafting visually stunning narratives, skillfully weaves together a tale that goes beyond mere entertainment. “Fighter” pays homage to the gallant officers of the Indian Airforce, highlighting their selfless contributions to the nation. Anand’s storytelling prowess comes to the fore as he seamlessly integrates real-life events, notably the Balakot airstrikes and the Pulwama attack of 2019, into the film, adding a layer of depth and relevance to the narrative.

However, as the movie unfolds, the romantic chemistry between the lead actors may leave some viewers wanting. The inclusion of romantic elements can momentarily shift the focus from the adrenaline-pumping action, potentially slowing down the pace. While this aspect might not resonate with all audience members, it’s worth noting that these moments serve to add depth to the characters and provide a more holistic view of their lives beyond the battlefield.

Anil Kapoor, a seasoned actor known for his versatility, adds another layer of brilliance to “Fighter.” His portrayal of a key character in the film is lauded for its depth and authenticity, showcasing once again why Kapoor is a stalwart in the industry. The chemistry between Hrithik Roshan and Anil Kapoor is a highlight, bringing a unique dynamic to the film. Their on-screen camaraderie adds a layer of authenticity to the narrative, creating memorable moments that resonate with the audience.


In a groundbreaking venture, “Fighter” stands as India’s first-ever high-graphic movie, offering a cinematic experience that has not only elevated the standards of Indian cinema but also captured the hearts of audiences across the nation. Directed by the visionary Sidharth Anand, known for his previous directorial success with “Pathan,” the movie has not only showcased Anand’s distinct sense of humor but has also made a significant impact on the box office.

With an awe-inspiring budget of 250 crore INR, “Fighter” spared no expense in delivering cutting-edge graphics and immersive visual effects. The movie takes audiences on a gripping journey into the realm of air warfare, setting a new benchmark for the film industry in India. The commitment to delivering high-quality visuals has undoubtedly contributed to the film’s success, making it a trailblazer in the domain of Indian cinema.

Sidharth Anand, known for his strategic release dates, once again proved his acumen by choosing Republic Day for the movie’s launch. Riding high on the success of his previous project, “Pathan,” Anand’s keen sense of humor and timing have undoubtedly played a role in generating immense anticipation and excitement around “Fighter.”

Within just two days of its release, “Fighter” has soared to new heights at the box office, crossing the 50 crore INR mark. This phenomenal success is a testament to the movie’s widespread appeal, resonating with audiences of all ages. The impressive box office collection reflects not only the popularity of the film but also the patriotic fervor that has gripped the nation.

“Fighter” has successfully carved a niche as a full-family entertainer, offering a wholesome cinematic experience suitable for all audiences. With a U/A certificate and a runtime of 2 hours and 40 minutes, the film seamlessly weaves together emotional moments, high-octane action sequences, romantic interludes, and a powerful sense of patriotism. The U/A certification ensures that the film is accessible to a wide audience, making it a perfect choice for families to come together and enjoy the cinematic spectacle.

In conclusion, “Fighter” has not only set a new standard for high-graphic movies in India but has also become a cultural phenomenon, uniting audiences in a celebration of cinematic excellence. Sidharth Anand’s directorial finesse, coupled with the stellar cast and a substantial budget, has resulted in a film that is not just a box office hit but a testament to the evolving and thriving Indian film industry.

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