Edge-of-Your-Seat Action: World Cup Semi-Finals Unleash Unforgettable Moments

Priyanshi Pareek reports on the World Cup Semi- Finals..

The teams fight with each other for that one place in the top 4, to be named as the Semi-Finalist and when the day comes, not just the teams but the fans are also praying for their team to win, as this is the only time when you will have to prove yourself to be one of the best team.

World Cup 2023

India, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa are the teams to be named as the Semi-Finalists. 

India was the first team to secure this position with all the 9 wins (18 points), South Africa qualified with 14 points, Australia also with 14 points and at last New Zealand with 10 points. 

India (1st Place) had its match with New Zealand (4th Place) and South Africa’s (2nd place) match was with Australia.

India vs New Zealand

The Rivalry between these nations was from the start as India never won any match in ICC Tournaments against New Zealand but in 2023 they did. 

The Semi Final of 2019 was between the same countries where New Zealand beat India by 18 runs and broke the heart of ICT fans, this was the last match of former Indian Team captain MS Dhoni. The runout of Captain Cool and the loss of the team made 1.4 billion people cry. 

The 2023 Semi Final wasn’t a normal match for ICT and its fans; It was the revenge match of 2019 and ICT succeeded in taking revenge by making New Zealand lose by 70 runs. 

India became the first Finalist of ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

Australia vs South Africa

The rivalry started in the semi final of 1999, where Australia tied up the match and went into the finals. 

The commentary of Bill Lawry on the final ball said, “There it is, this will be out surely – oh it’s out, it’s gonna be run out…oh, that is South Africa out – Donald did not run, I cannot believe it. Australia went into the World Cup Final – ridiculous running with two balls to go. Donald did not go, Klusener came – what a disappointing end for South Africa. What a match for our viewers right around the world.” 

This commentary makes us understand the consequences. 

The Semi Final of 2023 was also no less than a disappointment for South Africa as they lost by 3 wkts. 

Australia became the 2nd team to go in the Finals of ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

World Cup 2023 Finals 

The finals is between India and Australia on 19th of November at the marvellous venue of Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad. 

Gear up your seats for the finals as it is going to be super loaded with entertainment.

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