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World Laughter Day 2022 makes you laugh on first Sunday of May each year; know history, significance & quotes

World Laughter Day 2022, this year, is falling on May 1. For the last two years, pandemic has been leaving its mark, making the world sad.

Nevertheless, the situation has improved, so it is necessary to have a little laugh and smile through this special day. 

World Laughter Day History

Now, let us know the history of World Laughter Day i.e. World Laughter Day. You must be keen to know when, where and how did it start? It is very interesting that this special day originated from India and it was started on 10th May 1998 by Dr. Madan Kataria, a resident of Mumbai. The special purpose of celebrating this special day was to reduce social and mutual tensions spread around. As opportunities for laughing are decreasing each day in life, it has become a worrying factor. That’s why this special day was kept just to laugh.

Laughing strengthens immune system

Laughing is beneficial for all of us in many ways. Laughing is very important for a healthy body. That’s why we all should make a habit of living for a tension free lifestyle. In such a situation, you should find opportunities to laugh. According to doctors, by laughing, your insomnia problem can end and you will be able to get enough sleep. The hormone melatonin, which the brain releases, is essential for good sleep. Laughing releases this hormone and leads to good sleep. Not only this, it is believed that laughing strengthens the body’s immune system.

It is believed that one who laughs lives longer. The great comedian Katherine Mansfield once said that one should learn to laugh. It is very important to learn this, while Charlie Chaplin used to say that a day spent with laughter and smile is good and a day without it is considered a waste of time.

We bring you the messages & quotes you can share with your friends and family

1) People who are happy inside, those hearts are healthier. Wishing a World Laughter Day to you! 

2) Who said laughter adds wrinkles rather, it brings glows, that’s why keep always smiling! For everyone, Happy World Laughter Day.

3) Try Laughing, and the world will laugh with you. Try crying, and you’ll cry alone. That’s why have a carefree laugh on World Laughter Day!

4) To stay healthy, Laugh daily. Happiest World Laughter Day.

5)They say laughter is the best medicine; one should taste it every day to stay healthy. 

6) May your lives are filled with jokes and laughter; I wish you and your family a very happy World Laughter Day. 

7) What soap does to the body, laughter does the same to your soul. So keep laughing. 

8) Happy faces always look good, so laugh and laugh.

10) Smile is a kiss of the soul, Minna Thomas Antrim

9) Let’s laugh a little more and give our lives more time. A day of laughter in a happy world!

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