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The students  of Sakhsham Sanchar visited Raj Bhawan.

On the occasion of the 132nd birth anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, students of Sakhsham Sacha visited Raj Bhawan

On the occasion of the 132nd birth anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the father of the Indian Constitution, students of the Saksham Sanchar Foundation visited the Constitution Park at Raj Bhawan in Jaipur. The Constitution Park was inaugurated by President Draupadi’s murmur in January this year. Built by the Jaipur development authority, the Raj Bhawan of Jaipur is one of the most highly secured places in Jaipur; it is the official residence of the governor of Rajasthan.

The students of Sakhsham Sanchar are diversified and belong to different streams, and despite having different backgrounds, they have covered various stories. As they have covered stories in the Abhivyakti festival of the army wives’ welfare association (AWWA), the Jaipur literature festival, etc.

The purpose of visiting the Indian Constitution Park is to increase public understanding of the Indian Constitution, its provisions, and its images. The students were intrigued by the rich architecture and engraved sculptures. Nevertheless, the paneled glass included many facts about history.

Everyone accumulates their own stories from the journey of the Constitution through various sculptures and images. The Statue of fundamental rights was magnificent and motivating to the students. For someone who enjoys art and culture, the sculpture and the reign depicted in it were highly appealing.

Some students who were aware of some aspects of the constitution shared their knowledge with their team mates. Including the constituent assembly, the importance of the draft committee, and the hard labor that went into the world’s large and big constitution. Everyone was exchanging information, having insightful conversation, and gathering memories.

Many of the students had already read about the constitution, but this experience was unique; this is India’s first constitution park. While studying the finer elements of the constitution, students felt as if they had arrived at the time when it was written. First, a draft is created, followed by hundreds of talks about various elements and intelligentsia points of view.

Later, Mr. Sumit was highly motivating and remarkable in an intellectual encounter with an IPS officer. Students learned a lot from him. The students explained about the goal of Saksham which is to expand the reach of journalism not only in urban areas but also in rural areas by providing opportunities to students, teaching them various aspects of journalism, and providing them with life-changing experiences.

All the students had a lot of concerns regarding the police force and the protocols. The police station’s structure, function and challenges of the police force in various situations. The tensions between the police and human rights, as well as the effective use of social media.

Mr. Sumit, one by one, answers all of the eager students’ questions, told them some amazing stories about their tenure, that stimulates them all. Later, he wishes them luck for the future and advises them on what they should do in certain situations based on their best abilities.

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