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Christmas celebrations come with a difference all across the world…See how!

There are several traditions celebrated all over the world on the eve of Christmas.

There are several traditions celebrated all over the world on the eve of Christmas.

Every year on December 25th, this festival arrives riding on a reindeer sleigh, bringing warmth in the winter. In the dead of winter, Christmas feels like a warm embrace. The festival is widely celebrated all over the world. Thus, people across the globe have accepted different traditions to add their own essence to Christmas.

Iceland and 13 Yule Lads

The land, which is associated with Yule tales, plays an important role in Iceland’s celebration. Christmas in Iceland is similar to Christmas in America. 13 Yule lads pay Icelandic youngsters a visit every evening before Christmas as a ritual. The kids will put their shoes by the window and then go upstairs to sleep.

However, it depends on the behavior of the kids; if they were good the night before, they would have received candies, but if they were naughty, they would have been met with shoes filled with rotting vegetables. Putting the gift of coal to shame.

New Zealand and summer Christmas

Not only for Australians but for Kiwis too, summer coincides with Christmas. Therefore, many of their customs and traditions revolve around gathering with friends and family around a grill for a casual barbeque of seasonal veggies, meat, fresh fish, and chit-chat.

However, the pohutukawa is New Zealand’s traditional Christmas tree and is used as a pine tree. It is a coastal species that blooms a vivid red hue in December and offers shade on hot days while people sing carols in both English and Māori. Thus, this too offers Christmas with a twist of New Zealand.

Martinique and the Tradition of Carol Songs with Yam

The Christmas festival is where La ribote, a long-standing custom on the French Caribbean island of Martinique, takes place. In tradition, it involves families visiting their neighbours, and friends with festive fare. There is a ritual involving yams, boudin créole, pâtés salés, and hog stew throughout Advent and also on New Year’s Day. The people of the island sing Christmas songs and carols together till the wee hours of the morning, embellishing the standard lyrics with their own creole embellishments.

Japan and Kentucky Fried Chicken

Even though Christmas is not a traditional festival in Japan, however, Japan celebrates Christmas in its own way. Instead of gathering around the table for a turkey feast, the families visit their neighborhood for Kentucky Fried Chicken on Thanksgiving. Kentucky’s Christmas tradition began in 1974, following a hugely successful marketing campaign called “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!” or “Kentucky for Christmas!” Thus, some consumers purchase their boxes months in advance or wait in two-hour lineups to obtain their “finger lickin’ excellent” cuisine, as the fast-food company has maintained its yuletide appeal.

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