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The celebration of womanhood, London Gangaur

The Gangaur festival celebrates the joy of womanhood and to pay homage to Goddess Gauri

According to Hindu mythology, the Gangaur festival, which happens in the month of Chaitra, mostly celebrates womanhood. In the festival, the devotees pay homage to and seek blessings from the Hindu goddess Gauri.
On March 26, 2022, the Rajasthan Association UK (RAUK) organized the London Gangaur festival. The event attracted more than 500 people and received an astonishingly positive response from the people of London. In the event, participants and volunteers devoted their time to organizing. This is one of the biggest Rajasthani celebrations held outside of India.

Thus, to celebrate the vibrant culture and traditions of Rajasthan in the UK and to foster a sense of community among all Rajasthanis living in the UK, RAUK was established in 2015. Due to this, Rajasthani culture and heritage were brought to London by the “London Gangaur.” Women who were married and single took part in the celebration of womanhood with full hearts.

In the event, guests joined Gangaur in celebrating Mother’s Day, where kids created lovely cards for their mothers. Additionally, “Rajasthan Diwas” was observed to commemorate the union of the former princely states into the state of Rajasthan.

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