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Navratri to Mission Shakti: Celebrating and Empowering India’s  Daughters 

Chhavi Rajawat

During Navratri, it’s natural for one to reflect on Nari shakti, the feminine power. With the upcoming elections, I am witnessing a  transformative narrative in our nation, one that embodies this shakti.  Gone are the days when empowerment initiatives suggested that  women were inherently weak; today, we see women recognized as  strong, capable, and efficient, needing only opportunities to excel. This  shift, fuelled by the current government’s support and understanding,  fills me with optimism for the profound changes ahead for our country. 

Since 2014, from my vantage point as both an observer and a  participant in rural and urban development, I have watched the  emergence of swift, progressive ripples. These ripples seem poised to  swell into a massive wave of change that promises to envelop everyone  in its path and catalyse a domino effect of transformation across every  individual it touches. The most significant shift has been in the move  from merely focusing on women’s development to spearheading  women-led development, a change championed by our Honourable  Prime Minister Narendra Modi (NaMo). This evolution is evident not  only through the long-awaited passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill  but also through comprehensive schemes that contribute to  sustainable individual and national development-emphasizing that the  growth of each citizen is crucial to the nation’s overall advancement.  These initiatives span various sectors, from environmental conservation  and infrastructure to economic growth, from Yog to global health  innovations, and from fostering start-ups to creating manufacturing  giants, all under the banner of the Make in India movement. This has instilled a sense of pride in every Indian, both at home and abroad, a  pride rooted in our long journey since independence. 

Historically, laws pre-independence ignored the needs of women,  effectively side-lining half of our population. However, recent  amendments have shattered these constraints, acknowledging every  Indian’s role in our goal to become a $5 trillion economy by 2027- 28.  We’re seeing the rise of lakhpati didis and drone didis, who are  revolutionizing farming communities. Alongside these developments  are educational programs, Mudra loans, the 112 India app, training  initiatives, the establishment of working women’s hostels, and special  security cells-all under the broad umbrella of Nari Shakti Vandan. From  building essential infrastructure like toilets and roads to providing  economic empowerment through various loan schemes and investment  opportunities offering higher interest rates for women, these measures  address both basic and advanced needs, enabling women to lead and  ensuring their voices are heard and heeded for balanced development. 

Development in India cannot be lopsided, focusing solely on urban or  male-dominated sectors. Holistic advancement must include our youth  and women. We are gaining momentum, and it is crucial that we  familiarize ourselves with the available schemes, share this knowledge,  and actively participate in the electoral process to vote for ongoing  development. After the elections, we must be ready to buckle up and  embark on a transformative journey that will see India soar to new  heights. This is the promise of NaMo’s leadership, and it is this positive  wave that I am prepared to ride. 

Article written by Chhavi Rajawat an urban bred citizen who worked in  rural Rajasthan as sarpanch for two terms from 2010-2020.

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