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Narmada Jayanti 2022 celebrated in Rajasthan differently; students learn significance of rivers..

Narmada Jayanti in Rajasthan was celebrated differently. A few journalism students were invited to the screening of film Reva at INOX, GT Central Jaipur to educate and make them aware about River Narmada and its religious, spiritual and economic significance.

The session was organized at INOX, GT Central Jaipur by Saksham Sanchar Foundation and School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Manipal University, Jaipur.

Aakanksha Umath, a student who attended the screening, said, “The film screening indeed has been interesting session. We were taught live on how Rivers can be promoted as the centre of tourism. It was interesting to meet dignitaries like Manu Tripathi, Manoj Kumar, Nimisha Gaur on the occasion.” 

Narmada Jayanti 2022 celebrated in Rajasthan differently; students learn significance of rivers..
Students watching the film at Inox, GT Central

Aakanksha further writes, “Reva released on 6th April 2018 in Gujarat lives up to the expectations and is a pleasure to watch. It shows the journey of an atheist to believer. The whole movie revolves around a 25 year old NRI who has been brought up in America and returns to India for his grandpa’s property. During his stay, he meets locals and understand the culture, customs, traditions, and beliefs of the people, which are different from the America. Also he understands the devotion of Indians towards River Narmada and Indians’ deep faith towards God. At the end, he himself takes up Narmada Parikarma after he strengthens his faith in holy River.”

“Reva can flood your eyes with tears of joy as you take a holy dip spiritually,” she adds.

Riya Shahi, another student of Manipal University Jaipur, said  “Celebrating Narmada Jayanti with a movie screening was a great initiative. We don’t often  often get a chance to celebrate such important days in this way. It was important for us to know the impact of river Narmada. The movie was great, it gives an essence of spirituality but with entertainment, the whole cast was great too. Every detail shown in the film, from how devotees offer saree to river Narmada to Narmada Parikrama was awesome. After watching this movie, anyone can definitely think of visiting Narmada River once.” 

Divya Tripathi said “The movie Reva was really great throughout. I’m mesmerized by the mind blowing scenes. The director did a great job in selecting the actors, all the artists did justice with their respective roles. The story line, dialogues, cinematography everything was just perfect. I really enjoyed the movie and it was a must watch for not only Gujrati audiences but for all the movie lovers. I’m really thankful to Saksham Sanchar Foundation and Archana Sharma ma’am who organised this interesting session.” 

Esha Jain of Manipal University Jaipur also shared her experience. She said “River Narmada is considered as Goddess and is also called as Reva. An Indian man, who is brought up in the US, visits an ashram near the Narmada River to take his will which his grandfather has donated to the ashram. But little did he know that trip to India will change his faith. During his stay, he meets a lot of locals who are a bit different from him, who had a bit different approach of life than him. Their faith in a River amuses him. 

I enjoyed the movie a lot. I think anyone who watches this movie will find it interesting, entertaining and inspiring. Would love to attend more sessions like this.

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