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Karwa Chauth 2023: Top 6 points to remember if you are observing fast

The Karwa Chauth festival will be celebrated on November 1 this year, which is Kartik Krishna Chaturthi. On this day, married women observe a fast for the long life of their husbands. This time, Karva Chauth fast will be of duration of 13 hours 42 minutes. This fast is observed from sunrise to moonrise. This time on Karva Chauth, moonrise will happen at 08:15 pm. However, some major points need to be remembered during Karva Chauth fast.

1. Do not consume food and water

The fast of Karva Chauth is tough where you need to avoid food and water. Married women observe fast by eating sargi before sunrise and abstain from food and water for the whole day. This is a fasting fast. Do not consume food or water even by mistake on this day, otherwise your fast will be broken

2. Do not pass without Chandra Arghya

During Karva Chauth fast, the moon is seen through a sieve at the time of moonrise and Arghya is offered to the moon. After that, the fast is broken by taking water from the husband’s hands. On that day, worship the Moon and offer Arghya before having food.

3. Don’t sleep during the day

Women observing Karva Chauth fast should not sleep during the day. Sleeping after fasting does not yield the results of the fast. This rule applies to all fasts including Karva Chauth. However, those who have health related problems are exempted.

4. Don’t wear black clothes

Karva Chauth is a symbol of uninterrupted marriage and happy marriage. Do not wear black colored clothes on that day. Black color is considered a symbol of negativity. On that day you can wear red, pink, yellow, green colored clothes. Red and pink are considered more auspicious.

5. Karva Chauth fasting story

The worship of Karva Chauth is incomplete without its fast. When you worship Goddess Gauri in the evening, do not forget to listen to the fast story of Karva Chauth. By listening to the story, the fast will be completed and its importance will also be known.

6. Don’t forget to give puja and suhaag material to your mother-in-law.

After Karva Chauth puja, do not forget to give puja and suhaag material to your mother-in-law. If you do this, she will be happy and bless you with unbroken good fortune and a happy married life. Your husband’s age will increase.

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