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Know more about Meta’s Llama 2

The Meta Llama is half of Chatgpt 3.5 size, open to an interface, and portable for smartphones

A 70 billion barometer, Llama 2 is a new large language model launched by Meta. Thus, this new AI language has a wider knowledge perspective than the other model, including gpt-3 and gpt 4. Llama 2 has a prominent collaboration with Microsoft as well. However, Redmond is not a nominal partner, it has been showing support for Llama 2 in Windows and Azure.

Therefore, Meta and Microsoft have subtly nudged that Llama 2 is an open-source credential.

Whatever their source, the developments from last week indicate a major increase in the power and use of open-source AI models.

Thus on this the CEO and Cofounder of Aravind Srinivas stated, “Whether they match GPT 3.5 or not [now], it’s just a matter of time.”

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