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India’s first Hydrogen fuel bus service (FCEV bus service) to run between Delhi to Jaipur route

Do you know that the first-of-its-kind premium hydrogen fuel bus service will start on Delhi to Jaipur route soon?

National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC Ltd) is planning to start this service which will be the first FCEV bus service to be used for intercity commute.

Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari and Power Minister R K Singh, during the launch of  the “Go Electric” Campaign,  announced that NTPC is planning to start a premium hydrogen fuel bus service on Delhi to Jaipur route. However, no specific timeline has been provided for when the service would be started.

While electric cars and taxis have been promoted by the government, it is now conducting a feasibility study on hydrogen fuel buses.

However, to know when it will be launched, we will have to wait a little as anything in this perspective is yet to be announced.

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