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Independence Day 2022: Best wishes to share on Independence Day

As India celebrates its 75 years of independence this year on August 15, there are numerous programmes being organised to cherish the day when India came out from the clutches of slavery. Let’s exchange wishes to celebrate this great day with our country men…

This Independence Day we should take some time out and remember all those who sacrificed their lives so that we could enjoy our freedom. Happy Independence Day 2022.

When I see the Tricolour flutter in the air so high, I am reminded of the noblest of traditions in the world. Let my spirit soar high every time I see the flag soar up in the air.

By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall. Independence day is a good time to think about who we are and how we got here. Happy Independence Day 2022!

The tribute will always be less for our freedom fighters but the salute to all will never be less. Saluting the entire nation, Happy Independence day!

Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong. Let the Tricolour revive our spirits and keep it burning for all times.

Remembering our past is extremely important. But we also have to think about building our future. Let’s do everything to keep our freedom and carry it through the years. Happy Independence Day!

The citizens of a country create the image of a country. Be a good citizen and let India be proud of us. Happy Independence day.

Happy Independence Day, we are proud to have soldiers like them who saved our families over and over the years. Wishing bright futures ahead!

Our flag does not fly high because of the wind, but it flies due to the last breath of each soldier who gave up his life to protect it. Happy and proud Independence Day.

Wishing you a very Happy Independence Day…. Let us join hands to work hard to make our nation a better country with each passing day.

Freedom doesn’t see shapes or colours. We now need to work towards building a better future full of unity, love, and understanding. Here’s to an amazing Independence Day!

Being independent means, being able to change the world. I am proud to say that my independence allows me to make positive changes each and every day. Cheers to our independent India!

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