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Who will be the next PM of Britain? Indian-origin Rishi Sunak leads the race…

Who will be the next PM of Britain; This has become a million dollar question as Liz Truss has finally resigned as prime minister. However  she would remain in office until the next party leader is elected.

Now the question arises, who will become the new leader after Liz? In media reports, Rishi Sunak of Indian origin is being told as the most capable contender for this post. On Wednesday, several leaders reminded him of Sunak’s statement in August. Then Rishi had said – Liz is making an election promise of tax cuts, it will destroy the economy. Rishi’s words proved to be true.

On Wednesday itself, ‘The Guardian’ had said in a report – the thinking of the people of Britain and many MPs of the Conservative Party is that Sunak was to be made prime minister in September. Liz got the wrong pick.

Now the question is, will Rishi Sunak join this race again? The main reason for this is that there was turmoil in the politics of the party and the country since 15 days and Sunak was calm. 

Former minister Mordent can also join the race. Anyway, Sunak got the most votes in the voting done by the MPs before Liz was elected.

But, when two candidates, Liz and Sunak, were left, the members of the Conservative Party took the decision. Liz won it. Sunak was already warning that the election promises Liz was making would destroy the UK economy.

A question that is constantly being asked in the British media is why Sunak is silent despite this political turmoil? In 15 days neither he came in front of the media nor did he issue any written statement. Why this silence is there, only Sunak can tell.

Rishi Sunak, who lost in the voting of the members of the Conservative Party in the election for the post of PM, is currently adopting the policy of wait and watch. Sunak has refused to attend the annual meeting of the Conservative Party to be held in October. He has shied away from public statements. The last tweet was on 8 September.

It is believed that Sunak is engaged in a strategy with the supporters. Because, Sunak has more MPs’ support than Truss. In the final voting of MPs, Sunak got 137 votes of Conservative Party while Truss got 113 votes of MPs.

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