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Traditional cardiac surgeons in the UK and the US are losing their jobs because of AI-assisted heart surgery.

In medicine, where physicians are known as the angels of the earth, heart surgeons are considered with the utmost reverence. Their dominance, which started in the medical field in the 1940s and persisted until the 1960s, never wavered. However, these conventional cardiac surgeons are currently losing their jobs.

AI is being used to perform cardiac procedures. Only cardiac surgeons with a focus on interventional cardiology are currently employed. Thus, operations are performed through AI tools. Whereas a cardiac operation once required the participation of the entire medical staff, AI today allows doctors to complete the procedure by themselves. Because of this, although there are fewer cardiac surgeons in Britain and America, their workload has been reduced. They will have jobs in the future and will be able to stay current with emerging technology.

According to Thomas Morris, the author of the book “History of Cardiac Surgery,” the death rate from heart surgery reached 25% in 1970. Many medical procedures that were previously exceedingly difficult to perform, like bariatric surgery for weight loss, are now achievable because of AI.
Thus, advanced technology is now intervening in the traditional world.

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