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Taliban bans beauty parlor for ladies in Afghanistan

Taliban bans beauty salon, as it offers services that Islam forbids

Taliban has explained the ban on Beauty salons in Afghanistan, they stated, “Salon, beauty parlor offer such services that do not go along with the words of Islam, moreover it causes financial harm in the groom’s families in wedding ceremonies.

Thus, the group gave their statement days after they asked all the beauty salons around Afghanistan to close and wind up in one month. Thus, this has raised concern around the world for women entrepreneurs.

Sadiq Akif Mahjer, The vice president and spokesperson for the Taliban-run Virtue, acclaimed, “Those included eyebrow shaping, the use of other people’s hair to augment a woman’s natural hair and the application of makeup, which would interfere with the ablutions required before offering prayers”

He also added, “In addition, the salons cause economic stress on grooms’ families, who are required by custom to pay for the pre-wedding salon visit by the bride and her close female relatives.”

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