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Melisa Raouf is Miss England’s first ever pageant contestant who walked sans makeup on ramp

Melisa Raouf, a 20-year-old girl from London, is making history as she became Miss England’s first-ever pageant finalist contestant without applying makeup. The contestant is grounded and wants to promote bare skin in the pageant world. Akanksha reports how she made a difference to the world of beauty shows…

In the history of 94 years, Melisa broke all beauty myths and trends by walking without makeup on the ramp. Many girls from centuries are leaning towards makeup, as today it has become completely different from accepting that a pageant contestant could walk on the ramp without it. 

Melisa Raouf is Miss England's first ever pageant contestant who walked sans makeup on ramp

Melisa Raouf is a thoughtful political science student; she believes your inner and natural beauty is all that embarks. She even asked and encouraged the beautiful young women who might be watching her to be more comfortable with their natural beauty and skin, as, at the end of the day, we always go back to our natural selves. 

Melisa’s new thoughtful yet brave acuity impressed the judges, as it was one of the most ground-breaking moments in the history of the pageant industry. Thus, Melisa became the finalist in Miss England’s grandiose pageant competition, with her beautiful mindset and natural brightening skin.

And now she’s going to the final round without makeup for the crown. 

Not to forget that she already won the “bare face” round, which was initially added to the pageant in the year 2019. People on social media are seen as very moved by the speech and mindset of Lovely Miss. Melisa Raouf. 

Melisa will be competing for the exquisite Crown of Miss. England, with other 40 women, on October 17. 

It proves that as we grow up, there is just so much to learn and unlearn. Melisa Raouf not only gave young girls the courage to be confident in their skin but also broke the stereotype of wearing cosmetics to compete in a pageant. 

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