Latest UpdatesNewsWorldChina Taiwan conflict: World on the edge on possibility of WW-III 

China Taiwan conflict: World on the edge on possibility of WW-III 

China Taiwan conflict: Know how it hot reignited and its after-effects

Amid the ongoing tension between Taiwan and China, US’s House speaker Nancy Peloci’s speech during her visit to Taipei had added a fuel in breaching the peace among the two nations including US yet again. 

China being constantly addressing Taiwan as its part is now furious on Nancy’s statement for US’s support to Taiwan as an independent, democratic nation. 

This led to a recent decision taken by the Chinese Foreign ministry in suspension of general meetings between the US and China defence leaders, corporation on setting back the illegal immigrants, transnational crimes, illegal drugs and even climate change as it titled Nancy’s statement “vicious and provoking action”. 

Missile rocket firing have been projected around Tiawan by China troops as Beijing performed its military drill near Taiwan. This has clarified China ‘s disagreement on the latter country’s sovereignty.  This air and seal drill conducted recently has interrupted one of the busiest trade routes and it is said to be continued till Saturday. 

While the Japan Prime minister Fumio Kishida has requested to stop the military drill as few of the missile were reported to be landed in ocean in Japan’s economic zone. Beijing also announced a sanction against Peloci and her family for her Taipei visit. Such pressure tactics from China can be considered as a way of subjugating US support to Taiwan

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