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Who is Shyam Rangeela booked recently for playing a prank

Shyam Rangeela has been recently booked by Rajasthan police for playing a prank on rising petrol prices.

Wanna know who this young boy is? He is an Indian comedian from Rajasthan who belongs to a farmers’ family.

Rangeela introduces himself as Comedian/MimicryArtist/ Entertainer and an ‘International Villager’ in his twitter introductory profile. His profile further says that he is interested in politics-‘Swadanusar’, who is a Bhakt but not a ‘andhbhakt’, 

Let’s watch a video for which he has been booked:

Recently, a police complaint has been filed against him for his latest video, in which he is seen mimicking PM Narendra Modi and speaking about how the petrol prices hike have never been this high in the state. 

The complaint was filed by the owner of the petrol pump located on Hanumangarh Road in Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan, where the former had shot the video.

Suresh Agarwal, the owner of the petrol pump, accused Rangeela of cheating him. He alleged that Shyam Rangeela lied to him while seeking permission for shooting his video.

Agarwal said in his complaint that Shyam Rangeela introduced himself as a journalist and said that he wanted to take pictures of the petrol pump to which Agarwal had agreed.

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