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PEHLA SUKH – INDIA WELLNESS INITIATIVE : Millennials aware of mental wellness

Is your mind happy’? A webinar was held on Sunday discussing this subject which aimed at spreading awareness on mental wellness amongst millennials.

Organised by Pehla Sukh – India Wellness Initiative, it was powered by India Community Center, Crack the Wellness Code (CWC), Silicon Valley and was managed by Indifamily Foundation, Rajasthan.

The webinar was addressed by Nivedita Singh , Psychologist, Author & Founder, Co-Create Change, & Raj Raghunathan, Professor of Business at University of Texas Austin, who shared the authentic and proven lifestyle practices for mental wellness.

Brain like any other organ can also fall sick and can have a problem too. However, we at times, don’t accept it, but it is a fact that any challenge related to the brain relates to mental illness and can lead to schizophrenia, bi-polar, acute anxiety and chronic depression which are major mental illnesses and need psychiatrist’s help and medicines, said Nivedita Singh.

She further said, “People these days are confused about mental health and mental illness. They don’t want to believe that the brain like other organs can also have a problem too.

According to her, “Mental health is directly related to certain strengths in your life which can be built. For example, a positive mental health needs to be built and nourished along with well being, happiness, life satisfaction and other such factors, she added.

Raj addressing the session said, “People who are uncertain about job prospects and are stressed out ( including married and single people) should learn to enhance happiness. They should look at children who love to stay happy. A friend in your life can define your happiness, longevity and can help you to be free from any disease. This friend can be either your spouse or any other person,” he said.

The session helped resolve the challenges being faced by those who doubted their own capacity and faced decrease in productivity. It also helped those facing difficulty in coping with stress and even people who have sudden emotional outburst and those feeling lonely and depressive.

Pehla Sukh” – India Wellness Initiative is a social start up focused on supporting overall health and wellness.

Focussing on prevention of lifestyle diseases, it supports holistic health and wellness of all living beings.

“The focus is to bring the best of east and west, lifestyle practices to impact 5 million Indians in the next 5 years,” says Divya Jain, convenor of the programme.

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