RPF Foundation Day: Know date and history of Railway Protection Force establishmetn

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) Establishment Day is celebrated each year on 20 September. The RPF was incorporated into the Central Force in 1985 to commemorate this day. Known as one of the best security forces in the country, the Railway Protection Force aims at protecting the safety of railway passengers in the country, protect the assets of Indian Railways, and use the facilities of railway facilities in any anti-national activities. It is a central security force.

Railway Protection Force duties

Railway Protection Force plays a wide role in providing security to railway passengers, railway properties as well as orphan children in the railway sector and arranges for their resettlement. It further helps other departments of Indian Railways as needed to maintain the capacity and image of Indian Railways.

History of RPF

The history of RPF goes back to the British Rule when a system was created to ensure a defect-free security system for railways, which was under the control of private railway companies. Later in 1872, a separate government police force was formed as per the advice of the Railway Police Committee and private railway police continued to protect their infrastructure and properties.

Origin of RPF

As Railways was a major contributor to the country’s economy, Britishers felt a need to set up a security force to stop the stealing of railway assets and to protect railway passengers. 

As a result, the RPF was established on 20 September 1985 by bringing a law in this direction.

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