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Navratri 2023 special: Two pillars of this temple hanging in air since 60 years in Jodhpur

While there are many temples of Goddesses in Jodhpur, however, a temple situated about 20 kilometers away from Jodhpur city, is a place where science loses in front of faith.

This is because two pillars of the temple can be seen hanging in air. Locals say that these two pillar suddenly rose into the air. Even after 60 years these pillars are still seen being raised from the ground.

How this happened remains a mystery even today. The main temple of Tanot Mata is in Jaisalmer. On the lines of the same temple, the temple of Tanot Rai Mata was built in Jodhpur also. This temple has become the center of faith of the devotees.

It is believed that the devotees who are unable to go to Jaisalmer for the darshan of Tanot Mata, come here and bow their heads and their wishes are fulfilled.

There are total 8 pillars in the temple. Out of which two are not connected to land. These pillars are mysteriously raised in the air. Many people fold a cloth under this pillar and keep it in their worship room. No one has the answer to how these pillars are standing without land. The presence of heavy pillars hanging in the air creates surprise.

From the scientific point of view, there may be many reasons for this, but the deep faith of the villagers here towards the temple is not ready to accept this. Villagers said – Earlier many engineers had also come here to inspect, but it could not be proved as to how both the pillars rose in the air.

Priest Amit says- I have been doing puja for almost 22 years. Ever since I came here, I have seen the pillars rising in the air. When I asked the villagers who came here at that time, they told that this happened due to the miracle of Goddess. Shivram Tak, a great devotee of Maa Jagdamba, had established this temple. At that time, he had a doubt whether the Goddess was present here or not. To remove this doubt, he had a dream that next day, he would find this proof in the temple. When they reached the temple in the morning, they found two pillars hanging in the air. They believed that Mother Goddess resided here.

This temple was established by contractor Shivram Natthu Tak. Tak was a Class A contractor in PWD. He had bought a farm house for farming in 1971. Due to faith in Tanot Mata, a temple was built here. At that time, the flame was brought from the main temple of Tanot Mata and the idol was installed here. Shortly after the establishment of the temple, two pillars suddenly rose into the air. People also consider this as a miracle of Mother. In 2017, there was a sudden fire in this temple, after which the original statue got disintegrated. Later, his family members got a new statue made and consecrated.

In those days, in the year 1962-63, he had the contract to build about 100 km of road out of 120 km from Jaisalmer to Tanot for the Tanot Mata temple situated on the Indo-Pak border. During this period, the road was built in difficult conditions with less resources. The work in this contract ended due to cost overruns. By then Tak’s financial condition had become so bad that many vehicles and properties had to be mortgaged. After this, when I prayed to Tanot Mata of Jaisalmer, gradually everything started getting better than before. This was the reason why his faith in his mother kept increasing day by day. His resolution was that he would definitely build a grand temple of Mata in Jodhpur.

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