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Sarafa Bazaar of Indore: The night food market which serves as foodies’ paradise

Sarafa Bazaar in Indore speaks the story of Indore’s love liaison with food which is long and legendary. The hygienic, cleanest and elegant city of Central India is like a treasure of street foods and the flavors  of its kitchen makes it noticeably different from other states of India.
Its richness in food is depicted from its renowned Sarafa Bazar which is the only food market of the country which opens at 11 pm in night when all streets of Indore go tranquil. It opens after the Rajwada Market closes down.

When most of Indore is asleep, this late night market gets thousands of visitors, both locals and tourists.

Indore residents love street food and hence Sarafa Bazar has become their favourite. Its lanes and streets emanate the aroma of food.
From North Indian to South Indian and from Chinese to Italian,  you can get variety of mouthwatering food here.

Five must try dishes of Sarafa Bazar

Potato Spiral

When you enter the kitchen of Sarafa , the first thing that catches the attention is Potato Spiral. This flavorsome Potato Spiral is famous street food of Korea. Sarafa Bazar serves this dish with some Indori touch.


You must be acquainted with the term jalebi but have you ever heard the word Jaleba. Jaleba is a king size jalebi deep fried in Ghee and then soaked in sugar water. The crispness and sweetness of jaleba will surely win you heart. Most famous corner for Jaleba in Sarafa Bazar is Jai Bhole Jalebi Bhandar.


Sweet potato or Ratalu is a winter special dish. They are deep fried and served with the sprinkle of some masalas which is a perfect dish to fight the chilling winter season.

Dahi Vada

It is type of chaat  which melts in your mouth easily. This dumplings are made of urad dal coated in a simple yogurt and topped with some chatpata masala and classic Indian chutneys. Joshi dahi vada is famous spot for this dish.

Aloo Tikki

This is the most famous dish of Sarafa for which the people of Indore crave for. Literally a bog crowd waits on the stall to gorge on Aloo Tikki. Aroma of the tikki is so inviting that one cannot stop themselves eating this.

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