Latest UpdatesIndiaMadhya PradeshEvery day, Kaal-Bhairav receives 3,000 bottles of alcohol.

Every day, Kaal-Bhairav receives 3,000 bottles of alcohol.

One bottle costs up to $20,000; the government also covers the cost of alcohol.

One bottle costs up to $20,000; the government also covers the cost of alcohol.

Not far, about 190 kilometers from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is the Kaal Bhairav Temple in Ujjain. In front are two liquor stores. Both stores are used to make offerings to Kaal Bhairav.

One can acknowledge that for darshan, there is a huge queue. A little Dalia with red-and-white flowers and a bottle of wine is held in the hands of devotees. Thus, a bottle of alcohol is in the hands of the worshippers as they exit with their heads lowered. Some Aghori, on the other hand, is seated outside. Plus, they consume both skunk and booze.

It has been assumed that English wine is being purchased for the offering. Here, one may buy alcohol for between Rs 150 and Rs 20,000. As a result, they have the same status as someone who sells expensive wine. Four or five bottles of alcohol been purchased by several people.

After entering the temple, people are told to be in a queue, and while being in the queue, the devotees recall the name of Kaal. People clap their hands, offer the servant a bottle of wine, and then go on. A sip or two is poured into a silver cup after the serviceman uses a sharp knife to open the bottle’s cover.

Thus, the priests place the alcohol-filled cup close to Kaal Bhairav’s mouth once it has been filled. Eventually, the cup runs dry. Then the servers begin pouring one drink at a time into the cup. This pattern keeps repeating itself.

Following darshan, after the exit of the temple, many devotees emerge with liquor bottles. While many devotees donate bottles of alcohol to the Aghori waiting outside the temple,

The purchase of alcohol only increases with time, and the number of people shopping at liquor stores grows. Liquor is being purchased by pushing.

Thus, according to popular belief, Kaal Bhairav represents a tamasic disposition. Therefore, they do so because they like drinking. It is also mentioned in many Scriptures. As well, ritual sacrifices were initially made. Later, the ritual was discontinued, but people continued to drink. Here, one can find two English and rural liquor stores operated by the state government that have opened. Every day, Baba drinks roughly 3,000 bottles of alcohol.

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