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Kulhad Pizza Couple Denies Viral Video, Says It Is Fake and AI-Generated

A couple from Punjab, who became famous for selling kulhad pizza, a unique pizza served in earthen cups, has denied the authenticity of a viral video that allegedly shows them in a compromising position. The couple, Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur, said that the video is fake and was created using artificial intelligence. They also said that they were blackmailed by a woman who demanded money from them to not share the video online.
The couple runs a food cart in Jalandhar, where they sell kulhad pizza, which has attracted many customers and celebrities. They also shared their love story and how they got married despite facing opposition from their families. Their videos of making kulhad pizza went viral on social media and made them an internet sensation.
However, their fame turned into a nightmare when a “private video” allegedly featuring them surfaced on social media, causing a lot of controversy and speculation. Sehaj Arora decided to address the situation via Instagram and set the record straight. In a video message, Sehaj emphatically labeled the video as “completely fake” and “AI-generated” .
He said that he received a message on Instagram a few weeks ago, blackmailing him for money. He said that he refused to pay the blackmailer, which led to the leaked footage. He also said that he filed a police complaint in Jalandhar to tackle the situation head-on .
According to the reports, an arrest has also been made in the matter. The police apprehended a 23-year-old woman named Soniya, who was revealed to be a former employee dismissed in early September 2023. However, Sehaj Arora has recently released another video, expressing that the true mastermind behind the video remains at large. He said that Soniya lacks the technical expertise and the means to disseminate the video to such an extent.
He also accused a YouTuber named Karan Dutta of spreading the fake video and tarnishing their image. He said that Karan Dutta has been making videos against them and questioning their claims. He said that Karan Dutta is trying to gain popularity by using their name.
Sehaj Arora also shared another video where he expressed his anguish over the impact of the controversy on his family. He said that his home is filled with sadness when it should be celebrating the birth of their child. He said that he and his wife are going through a lot of mental stress and trauma. He requested people to stop sharing the video and support them

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