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International Picnic Day

June 18 is International Picnic Day according to the National Day Calendar. Let’s go outside and enjoy the nice summer weather by having our meal under the sky.


People think this casual outdoor meal became popular in France after the French Revolution in the mid-1800s. People could visit the country’s royal parks again. Even if it started in France, picnicking has become a wonderful activity enjoyed all around the world.

How To Celebrate

  1. Join a Local Community Picnic: Many towns and organizations host special picnics on International Picnic Day. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people in your community, enjoy a variety of foods, and take part in fun activities.
  2. Organize Your Own Picnic Adventure: Embrace International Picnic Day by planning your own picnic. Prepare sandwiches, appetizers, and delicious desserts. Choose a scenic spot such as a local park, quiet beach, or cozy backyard to relax and enjoy the food and surroundings.
  3. Elevate Your Picnic Experience: For a luxurious twist, consider Picnic Makers. They offer tailored outdoor experiences that turn your International Picnic Day into a sophisticated celebration. Enjoy comfort and style with their premium picnic setups, ensuring a memorable day out.

Picnic Spots in Jaipur

  1. 1. Vidyadhar Garden : Just one look at Vidyadhar Garden, nestled on a hillside, beckons you to step inside. Designed in the Mughal style, it features straight water channels and paths that divide it into sections. The walls are adorned with intricate lattice work, carvings depicting scenes from Lord Krishna’s life, and mirrors. The terraces transport you to Kashmir, while the exquisite wall craftsmanship reflects Rajasthan’s grandeur. It’s perfect for relaxing under trees in the evening, chatting away and enjoying the fountains.

2. Chandlai Lake : Chandlai Lake, just a short drive from Jaipur, is a wonderful spot for couples to visit. It’s famous for its birds and is a favorite bird-watching destination. Throughout the year, many resident birds call it home, and during winter, even more birds migrate here from different parts of the world. It’s estimated that around 10,000 birds live or nest here temporarily. If you and your partner enjoy bird watching, Chandlai Lake is a must-visit!

3. Sariska National Park : Sariska National Park is one of the top spots for a quick weekend trip from Jaipur, especially for nature enthusiasts. It’s filled with lush greenery, rolling hills, and many ponds and rivers, making it a perfect picnic destination near Jaipur. The chance to see wild animals up close adds to the excitement. Besides the famous tigers, you can spot leopards, hares, deer, monkeys, and numerous bird species at Sariska.

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