COVID-crisis: Meet the school teacher who sells paintings on Jaipur streets after losing his job

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Wanna see creativity of a teacher who is selling his handmade paintings on Jaipur streets after losing his job during COVID-19 times?

Visit Jawahar Kala Kendra and you will be surprised to see this teacher Suresh Ghotwal selling his exquisite drawings and paintings to earn his daily livelihood outside the plush building.

With two kids and a wife to look upon, this young man who is 43 has no hassles to sell these paintings on streets.

“Can do anything to earn decent earnings,” he says while sharing his story on why he lost his job.

The creative man was quite soft in his approach when dealing with kids during his tenure as school teacher. “The school management I was working on didn’t like it and hence I was sacked from job,” he says.

With nothing concrete in his hands, he is now selling his paintings at Rs 50 and Rs 100 respectively.

The man is Masters in Fine arts and is in love with his colours, canvas and paintings.

Painting made by Ghotwal

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