City of lakes – Country’s first wetland City

Udaipur the 'City of Lakes' is all set to become India's first wetland City

Priyanshi Pareek reports on the Country’s first wetland city..

The Rajasthan government, in collaboration with the Environment and Forest Department, is making concerted efforts to elevate Udaipur, the ‘City of Lakes,’ to international prominence by aiming to become India’s first wetland city.

This enchanting city, with its iconic lakes such as Lake Pichola, Lake Fateh Sagar, Lake Doodh Talai, Lake Rang Sagar, and Lake Swaroop Sagar, has long been a magnet for tourists.

According to the reports, Udaipur has fulfilled all the requirements that are required for a place to become a wetland city. The title is very rare, and only a few selected cities in the world have been honoured with the title. Apart from Udaipur, Bhopal is also vying for the prestigious status. 

Talking about the update, Monali Sen, Joint Secretary of Environment and Climate Change Ministry, stated, “The department organised a one-day workshop on October 13 for district officials and representatives of local bodies to finalise the draft. The inter-departmental meeting will consider suggestions from all stakeholders,” the report states.

According to state authorities, Udaipur, with an area of 37 sq km, fulfils all the necessary requirements to earn the designation of a wetland city.

This title is a rare distinction, with only a few cities worldwide having received this recognition. Aside from Udaipur, Bhopal is also vying for this prestigious status.

The Ramsar Convention, officially known as the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance Especially as Waterfowl Habitat, is a global treaty designed to protect and sustainably utilize wetlands of international importance.

It got its name from the Iranian town of Ramsar, where the Ramsar Convention Agreement was signed in the year 1971.

In 2022, during the Convention’s proceedings, 25 cities were acknowledged as wetland cities, presently, there are 42 wetland cities situated across 17 nations around the world, with China boasting the highest number at 13 such cities.

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