This hotel will take its guests in glass igloo

Believe it or not but it’s true that there exists a hotel that won’t take you in a standard room but shall be taking you in a glass igloo.

Situated between white sands and warm blue waters, this is an ideal spot which helps you forget the worries of the world.

Here you shall view the aurora borealis or the star studded sky.

Wanna know more where this hotel is situated? It is located in Lapland, Finland which offers adventurers and romance seekers alike a pretty phenomenal experience.

The hotel initially was launched with just four luxury igloos, however, now there are 24 such structures which are available to guests. Also, there is the Northern Lights House, a lodge-like experience, and a restaurant aptly named the Aurora Sky.

Each of Levin Iglut’s igloos come along with electrically heated anti-fog glass, a small kitchen, a shower and toilet, and a motorized bed whose position can be adjusted for optimal Northern Lights viewing. Nordic adventures can be featured on social media as there’s also Wi-Fi.

Each of these igloos feature electrically heated non-fogging glass, air conditioning, a small kitchen, shower and toilet, a Wi-Fi connection and motorized beds, which you can adjust to the desired position for watching the northern lights or sleeping.

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