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Kachchh’s Kala Cotton is here for a social cause!

Do you know Kala, that is, cotton coming from Kachchh, comprises an indigenous variety which is found in Gujarat?

Kala Cotton is woven by weavers in simple patterns of checks and stripes encouraging sustainable cotton textile production. It also promises preservation of artisan livelihoods in Kachchh as the massive earthquake which hit the state in the year 2001 left them highly devastated.

The smartly designed ‘KALA Cotton Shirts’ from the ‘AnanTaya Loves Handloom’ collection are highly absorbent, soft and comfortable. Suitable for all weather, this Unisex Kurta-Shirt is for the modern individual, comfortable in their global identity creating a social impact!

Kachchh's Kala Cotton is here for a social cause!

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