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This small village earns big laurels on global map!

Bagru, a small village situated in the interiors of Rajasthan, has made a big mark on fashion industry with its patent printing process which is called as Bagru print.

The speciality of Bagru print lies in natural colours which are used diligently to allow the designs bespeak a story while being spread on a piece of cloth .

The other surprising part is the engagement of women in each household in making these designs. Sitting in clusters, they can be seen carving beautiful timeless artistry on cloth to leave a mark of their skills on it.

In fact, it is this handmade artistry of the village which has made this village earn name and fame across the globe and the travellers hence keep thronging here to take the timeless handmade art back home to gift it to their loved ones while keeping the best with them.

‘Bagru’ print is centuries old traditional art of hand block printing which has been kept alive by the artisans here.

While there is no confirm date as to when the Bagru print was originated here, but the locals say that it is a three-centuries old tradition of printing which took off with the splendid efforts of artisans.

The art is unique and is known for its indigenous printing style using natural colours with wooden blocks. Over the years, it has garnered laurels and acclaims as ’Bagru printing’.

The art proves how india pioneered in the art of dyeing and printing with natural colours and hence earned laurels in global world. Villagers say that this art is a mystery for foreigners who are unable to crack how the natural colours can be used so proficiently to make beautiful designs.

Will this mystery ever be decoded is still a question amongst the visitors here.
What do you say? Can this mystery be solved? May be, one you visit this village, you can answer it better too!

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