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Sattriya dance belongs to which state of India?

Sattriya is a dance form that is more than 500 years old and comes from the Vaishnava monasteries of Assam state of India.

Satrriya, also known as Sattriya Nritya, was formed in the Satra monasteries as a contribution extended to the Bhakti movement of neo-Vaishnavite led by Srimanta Sankardev during the 15th century in Assam.

Therefore Sattriya has its origin from Krishna focused Vaishnavism in the state of Assam as introduced by the famous scholar, reformer and Vaishnaya saint Srimanta Sankardev. Sattriya classical dance is more than five hundred years old.

The dance form Sattriya is a powerful medium of interpretation of faith associated with Vaishnavism which has underwent various changes with time. In fact, it always came out in a more expanded form with distinctive styles.

It has been preserved for many centuries as committed by the Vaishnava monasteries. As the dance style is related to Sattras possessing religious values, therefore, it was given the name of Sattriya. Sankaradeva gave the dance form his own unique ideas but by including the characteristics of numerous treatises and local folk dances.

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