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Pride of India in its traditional Jewelry

The traditional Indian jewelry and its elegance!

Dimple Arora reports on the styling and Indian traditional jewelry

Indian traditional jewelry, including bangles, jhumkas, necklaces, and other accessories, is highly recognized around the world. We have a wide range of jewelry to choose from that enhance the beauty of an Indian woman thanks to our rich culture.

Our nation’s traditional jewelry is a symbol of its pride and culture. Bangles are a crucial component of traditional jewelry in India and are worn by women of all ages. Bangles are available in many different materials, such as gold, silver, brass, and lac, and they frequently feature precious and semi-precious stones as decorations.

Mirrored lac and glass bangles are two of the most common types of bangles in India.  

Mirrored Lac Bangles

 Shisha bangles are another name for mirror-lac bangles. The resinous substance used to make lac bracelets is gathered from the kerria lacca bug. Initially, lac is applied thickly to a wooden rod and rolled into the shape of a cylindrical dough over a flat surface. Then it is gradually heated over a coal burner. The mixture is simultaneously spread on metal molds in the shape of bracelets.

Since ancient times, lac bangles have been a part of Indian culture, and they are frequently worn in vibrant sets of several bangles. Lac bangles are typically decorated with elaborate patterns and embellished with tiny mirrors. Girls of today’s younger age adore colorful, stylish bracelets that are manufactured to match the prevailing fashion and needs.

Western Rajasthan is where the custom of wearing mirrored lac bangles is thought to have started. The bangles’ tiny mirrors were thought to fend off evil spirits, and their vibrant colors stood for optimism and joy. As a result, it is thought to be a sign of success and joy for married women.

Mirrored lac bangles are now common among Indian populations worldwide as well as in India. They are frequently worn during weddings and festivals and are seen as a representation of tradition and femininity.

 Glass Bangles

As the name implies, glass bangles are constructed of glass and available in a range of hues. Glass bangles are frequently worn in sets, and it is lucky to hear them clinking together.

Glass bracelets have been worn since prehistoric times. In certain cultures, newlywed women are required to wear glass bangles as a sign of their marital status for a particular amount of time following their wedding.

The historic Indian city of Firozabad, which is located in northern India, is where glass bracelets are mostly made. For more than 200 years, they have been made in the region. The earliest form of bangles are made of glass, and the name “glass” comes from the Bangari language. Due to its lustrous, shiny, and transparent material, it has been produced since 1500 B.C.

Traditional glass and lac bangles are made in a way that is distinctive. They basically have unlimited styles and patterns, and their demand will continue to grow in the next years. Additionally, we have observed actresses showing off their glass bangles, which encourages a new generation of young people to think outside the box and popularizes their accessories around the world.

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