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Gatorade Drops It’s All New Turf at the Chandni Chowk to Inspire Active Lifestyle

The initiative aims to revolutionize the way India plays sports, uses data from Google Maps to predict public spaces for playing sports

As part of it’s ongoing ‘Turf Finder’ initiative, Gatorade, PepsiCo India’s iconic hydration brand, unveiled Delhi’s second turf in the busy lanes of the iconic Chandni Chowk. The event, held on Sunday morning, marked a significant milestone for Gatorade towards promoting the love and will for playing sports amidst the hustle and bustle of India’s metropolitan cities.

Launched in February earlier this year with its first turf debuting in Mumbai, this initiative by Gatorade is committed to finding people places to play, wherever and whenever space permits in the city. The initiative is aimed at addressing the scarcity of recreational space in urban India through Google Maps data. This may just be how cities look at urban playgrounds in the future. Through this initiative, Gatorade seeks to inspire young individuals to embrace physical activity as a key part of their daily lives.

The event witnessed enthusiastic participants coming together to play and relish the excitement offered by the specially tailored turf, catering to badminton, and basketball aficionados. Delhi witnessed its first turf drop earlier in March in Lajpat Nagar, and the brand is aiming to drop another turf in the city soon.  

Speaking on the initiative, Ankit Agarwal, Associate Director, Energy & Hydration, PepsiCo India, said, “Gatorade has consistently championed the importance of fitness and an active lifestyle as integral components of well-being. However, in today’s fast-paced and chaotic society, finding both time and a suitable space for physical activity poses a significant challenge. We firmly believe that this initiative will make sport accessible to a lot more people, thereby cultivating a healthier lifestyle. By providing convenient and inviting spaces for play, we hope to inspire communities to embrace the intrinsic value of staying active amidst the demands of modern life.”        

Adding further, Rajdeepak Das, CCO, Publicis Groupe – South Asia & Chairman, Leo Burnett – South Asia, said, “This is a true HumanKind idea where we are using technology to find solutions for modern day problems. Our cities are temporal in nature, they behave different by day and different by night. We have validated this spirit and used historic Google Maps data to find empty spaces at specific times which can be made into a turf. The most exciting part is that this campaign can be scaled across the country and not only promote an active lifestyle but also make a cultural impact in communities making sport an equalizer.”

Consumers can visit Gatorade’s exclusive website to find out more details and clues on the upcoming Turf drops –

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