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Fashion from rustic rural lanes

Are you aware of the fashion trends being followed by Rabari community from Gujarat who wear huge earrings which are as big as their ear lobes and in fact their skirt in red and black goes in direct contrast with their blouse and tattoo designs.

Surprised? Yeah, in fact, it is very surprising to see the women walking with elan reflecting their traditional style statements.

Speaking to EBNW, Rami Ben, one of their community members says, “Our family members ensure that girls aged 15-16 years get their ears completely pierced before their wedding.”

She adds that ear piercing process starts with a small neem stick which is pushed into the ear. As it gets bigger, the number of sticks going inside also become bigger making a cut through the earlobe.

The community members have big tattoos on their arms, which they say is their tradition.

Fashion from rustic rural lanes
The tattoo work on her hands contrasts with her skirt

“Earlier, our mothers and grandmothers used to make dots with a tattoo needle. Now machines are doing the same.”

The dots in the tattoos match with the designs on their dresses — dotted skirt in red and black matched with either a black or red blouse.

The Rabaris basically are a semi-nomadic tribe, found in arid regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan who are adept in the embroidery and crafts.

Fashion from rustic rural lanes
It’s a beautiful red and black combination!

The objects they embroider highlight significant events, rites and rituals and values in their lives. The girls from this community traditionally embroider blouses, skirts, veils, wall hangings, pillows, purses, etc.

Appliqué, Heer Bharat, Kathi and Bead Work etc make their artwork.

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