Latest UpdatesArt & CraftDo you know Bandhini is a must-to have-souvenir for guests in Rajasthan?

Do you know Bandhini is a must-to have-souvenir for guests in Rajasthan?

Are you aware of an art form where small dots are being tied on a fabric with the help of thread which is followed by an elaborate dyeing process?

If not, then you should visit Rajasthan to see this beautiful art folding up to bring a beautiful piece of cloth showcasing the rhymes and rhythms of saffron, emerald, sapphire, vermillion and yellow yields. This pristine work of art is a must-to have-souvenir for guests in Rajasthan…

The design is called as Bandhini, which is created on a cloth after tying and plucking thread at regular intervals.
The result is seen in the form of small precise designs made on chosen textile which reveals artwork in its utmost form.

The Bandhini style also merges with symbolism where red represents an attire for Hindu bride, while yellow stands as a code for maternity occasion. In Hindu rituals, red is considered as an auspicious colour for a bride while a yellow colour spells auspicious during different religious ceremonies.
The turbans, sarees, and dupattas use Bandhini styles in diverse colours. Rich embroidery, mirror, and appliqué work add more to the beauty of this art.

What makes Bandhini look appealing is its vibrant colours with its eye-catchy combinations coming with swift swirls and twirls.

‘Bandhini’ has been derived from the Hindi word Bandhan which means ties and relations. An ancient art practised in Western India, it uses a long finger nail, which picks the fabric portion that needs to be tied.

The art connoisseurs have been walking down the rural lanes of this state from distant corners of the world to know more about Bandhini. As they return to their native place, they take many beautiful pieces as the souvenirs to be gifted to their loved ones, while they retain a few which are kept as a legacy they had brought with them from India.

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