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Latest UpdatesEmpowermentAnd the crown for Miss Universe 2023 goes to R'Bonney Gabriel...

And the crown for Miss Universe 2023 goes to R’Bonney Gabriel…

R'Bonney Gabriel of the USA is crowned Miss Universe 2022 by Harnaaz Sandhu

R’Bonney Gabriel of the USA is crowned Miss Universe 2022 by Harnaaz Sandhu

On January 14, the 71st Miss Universe pageant took place at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center. It was the place where a new beauty queen was crowned. R’Bonney Gabriel, crowned Miss USA 2022, was crowned by Harnaaz Sandhu, Miss Universe 2021, from India.

After 10 years, R’Bonney finally brought home the gold for the United States. Plus, she looked absolutely stunning when the crown was placed on her head for the pageant. She charmed the audience with her appearance and her opinions. Plus, she claimed the night with the answer to the important question she was asked during the last Q&A session.

R’Bonney Gabriel, Miss America 2022, chose a stunning, black backless gown for her big moment on stage. The breathtaking outfit worn by Miss Universe 2022 had translucent trimmed work around her waist, which made it seem more enchanting. It also had a thrillingly high and deep neckline. A magnificent blue crystal design could be seen on the black dress from her shoulder to her waist. The dress was enough to make heads turn!

Miss USA’s response to the most vital question she was posed ultimately decided the winner. According to reports, the pageant winner was questioned about how she would demonstrate that Miss Universe was a progressive and uplifting organisation if she won. R’Bonney stated, “Well, I would utilise it to be a transformative leader,” She retorted, “I use fashion as a force for good since I am a highly enthusiastic designer and have been sewing for 13 years.” She added, “When I create my garments, I use recycled materials to reduce pollution in my business.”

“I give sewing classes to women who have suffered domestic abuse and human trafficking,” she continued. “And I say that because it is crucial to invest in people, our community, and ourselves in order to use your special skill to change the world.” She continued, “Every one of us possesses something unique, and when we sow those seeds in others in our lives, we alter them and utilise them as a catalyst for change.”

We would like to congratulate R’Bonney on winning Miss Universe 2022. She inspired a lot of women with her words on the stage for the competition. And she mobilised a large number of women to effect positive change.

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