Udaipur-based Narayan Seva Sansthan recently offered masks and PPE kits for passengers, migrants and employees

Physically-challenged make masks in war against COVID-19

The physically challenged people have joined the fight against the COVID-19 and are busy making masks and PPE kits in Udaipur to help the migrant workers and employees to deal with Corona epidemic.

These disabled people at Udaipur-based Narayan Seva Sansthan recently offered 700 face masks  to the city railway station for the protection of passengers, migrants and employees.

Besides stitching masks, five differently abled in this organisation has also stitched the PPE KITS at Narayan Sewing Centre. A total of 525 PPE kits have been given to CMHO Office, Udaipur

 Last month, we got the order from the CMHO Office, Udaipur and  we were able to deliver these kits ten days back, said Prashant Agarwal, President, Narayan Seva Sansthan. The Order was to make around 500 PPE Kits, however, we delivered on a higher note.

Agarwal said that in view of increasing cases of coronavirus in the country, NSS handed over 700 face masks to station superintendents for the safety of passengers and employees. Together, the Corona Relief Wing is engaged in providing free food, masks and ration kits to the needy. Keep in mind that it is easier to prevent infection if we wear masks and social distance is kept two meters or more.

Differently-abled individuals from the NGO are manufacturing PPE kits by following all guidelines laid out by the State and Central Government. The Narayan Sewa Centre is endowed with the task of manufacturing such protective gears and kits.

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