Motherly love: A student draws her emotions & pens a poem here…

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Motherly love is considered a possessive affection where a mother will protect their offspring at all costs.

Lavishka from Udaipur has tried to draw her emotions in her picture and has penned a four line poem for a mother.

Here comes the picture and poem:

Picture drawn by Lavishka from Udaipur

Woh ladti bhi bachhon se hai (She fights with her kids)

and ladti bhi bachhon ke liye hai (She fighters for her kids)

Woh adhar hai is srishti ka (she is the foundation of this world)

Mamta ki murat naam hai uska (She is named as the angel of love)

वो लडती भी बच्चो से है
और लडती भी बच्चो के लिए है,
वो आधार है इस सृष्टि का
“ममता की मूरत” नाम है उसका

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