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The sole Parsi temple in Rajasthan

The only Parsi temple in Rajasthan built strong in the star city.

The only Parsi temple in Rajasthan built strong in the star city.

The illuminating light at Ajmer’s sole Parsi temple has been shining nonstop for 124 years. The light brightens the souls and lives of people. Thus, Ajmer is home to the sole Parsi temple in Rajasthan. However, the temple was incorporated on July 19, 1898.

Since that time, this flame has been blazing nonstop for the people. The area of the temple where this light is blazing is hidden from view by the average person for certain reasons.

Nonetheless, only the temple priests and the members of the community who attend the puja are allowed to witness it. The flame is kept secured in a lock for the remainder of the period.

Therefore, acacia wood is reportedly used to light the flame, according to priest Eric Firdaus Sansotia. not to mention a few rosewood items that have been kept. However, four times a day, according to senior society member SP Contractor, the temple offers prayers.

Pujari claims that there is a well on the property where they have placed a flame, and lamps are likewise always on. The justification for this was that Parsis adore fire and believe that fire is a manifestation of God.

Thus, the devotees believe Khwaja Sahib used to sit on these thrones and meditate atop Evergreen Hill. The Sufi saint Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti was buried for the first time in the cave he had constructed on the evergreen hill in Ajmer. In it, two stone planks are secured. Garib Nawaz used one, while worshippers used the other.

Nonetheless, on regular days, pilgrims would arrive. According to Inam Hasan Guddishah Baba of Guddishahi Khanqah, there is a multitude, even on Chille on Urs. But pilgrims still travel on regular days as well.

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