Rajasthan wedding: This ceremony brought RRR alive with Rustic, Rural and Royal celebration. Watch pics…

Rajasthan: This engagement ceremony in desert state was blend of RRR which can be elaborated as the Rustic, Rural and Royal celebration where guests soaked the traditional aura spread around as women sang old songs, tribals showed their age-old folk dances and heritage liquor was served from earthern pots from machans.

RRR, a Bollywood film released recently has smashed all records on big screen with its unique storyline where tribals and their traditions have been featured and brought alive.

However, in Rajasthan, a real life celebration brought tribals into mainstream as they were invited to perform their folk dance and music in a royal engagement ceremony and yes, there was no place for DJ as the audience rocked swirled and swayed on traditional music flowing around.

There was heritage liquor, desi songs and desi decor bringing centuries old tribal traditions live in Udaipur.

The foreign made liquor was replaced by heritage liquor which was stored in earthen pots and served from ‘Machan’ built on top of bars where local women sang folk songs. 

There were no lavish sofa sets but handmade ‘khats’ and ‘Mudde’ were spread all across for the guests to sit on them.

Centuries old tribal traditions were seen live as the tables kept in front of chats were covered with jute made textiles. Further there were lanterns illuminating the venue replacing the candles.

Tribals performing in a royal wedding ceremony.

The ceremony was attended by the who’s who of the society and veterans had come from across the world to attend it.

Sidi Goma tribals who are believed to be natives from Africa and are staying in Gujarat were invited to perform Dhamal folk dance. Next group was also brought from Gujarat jungles who performed Rathwa dance. 

The other group was called from Udaipur which performed Gawri dance. “These people stop taking non veg and drink before performing this dance to worship Shiva and Gauri.”

Guests enjoying the tribal performance

Nathulal Solanki, a renowned Nagada player, who came from London to attend the ceremony was in awe of the beauty of the program which was solely organised on traditional rituals of erstwhile royal.

Those serving food and drinks were asked to wear tribal costumes. We revisited centuries old traditions which came live in this wedding.

The blessed couple who became a witness to host the most unusual wedding

The ceremony was solemnised taking clue from the message of PM Narendra Modi who asked one and all to participate in saving cultural heritage (virasat ka sanrakshan under Azaadi Ka Mahotsav) said Rajendra Pachar, an ex-royal from Pushkar whose son was getting engaged to  a Jodhpur based girl.

“We invited tribals to perform as we needed to bring them into the mainstream. These tribals have a big contribution to Indian history. They helped Shivaji and Maharana Pratap to win wars against Mughals. In fact, today, our civilization has been protected due to them. They helped Pratap to capture Mewar and Mughal did not dare to attack again. They are still residing the same life following age-old principles, they preserve their jungles, traditions and heritage and hence we owe a lot to them. Imagine if start inviting them in our programmes, we will get a cultural boost and they shall get into the mainstream. Till date, they are ignored,” he added.

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