PM Modi Inaugurates Khatipura Railway Station

Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again bestowed numerous gifts upon the state. On Friday, February 16, PM Modi addressed virtually the Vikas Bharat Vikas Rajasthan program, laying the foundation stone and inaugurating various projects related to the state. Additionally, the PM dedicated eight projects related to Rajasthan’s railways, collectively valued at Rs 2300 crore, to the public. Among these, the Khatipura railway station built in Jaipur was also inaugurated by PM Modi. Khatipura railway station had been developed as a satellite station for Jaipur and was equipped with a ‘Terminal Facility’ where trains could depart and stop as a terminal station.

Railway officials say that this work has been done by blocking traffic for just four hours and making 8 line stations operational. It will be inaugurated soon. After this many trains will operate from here.

Chief Public Relations Officer of North Western Railway, Captain Shasikiran said that Khatipura station was started at 5.10 pm with electronic interlocking in Jaipur-Rewari section of Jaipur division. The station is commissioned with Standard-III, double distant with multiplex signaling and electronic interlocking.

Before this work, Khatipura station was a 4 line station with panel interlocking, which has now become an 8 line station with new electronic interlocking. 8 line crossing stations between Khatipura, Jagatpura and Kanota station have been operated with centralized operation through dual system, electronic interlocking system.

The new station building has been commissioned by DLBI and HASDAQ (CEL Make) with coordination of multiple technologies (QUAD and OFC). Also 41 Nos of High Thrust Point Machines along with Thick Web Switch were installed and commissioned. 56 new signals with LED lights have been installed at Khatipura station.

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