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Ghoomar, Kalbelia and Chari: Know features of these Rajasthani folk dances…

Rajasthan is the land of culture and tradition. The history of this state bespeaks a glorious story of age-old history and culture.  Culture in fact reflects in everything a Rajasthani does, be it worship of God, greeting guests, the language Marwadi and most important, the dances they perform. Three most famous dances of this beautiful state are Ghoomar, Kalbelia and the Chari dance.


 This dance form was developed by the Bhil community for worshiping goddess Sarasvati and later was accepted by Rajasthan as its folk dance. Women wearing Ghaghra Choli the traditional outfit  takes rounds in this dance form as the name suggests Ghoomar. 


The snake charming tribe of Thar desert majorly performs the dance wearing a black outfit and gorbands. This dance form requires a great energy level and flexibility. Any joyous celebration is incomplete without it. Kalbelia is only performed by women when men plays instruments and provide music. 


The Gujjar and Saini community of Ajmer and Kishangarh prominently perform this dance in which women balance numbers of chari on their heads and dance. The chari can be filled with water or can also contain a diya. Women wear colourful dresses.

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